Qualification – 0913003 «Manager of power enterprises»,
Language of instruction – state, Russian

Character of specialty:
The manager of energy companies is the profession of the future, he deals with issues of water (and energy) consumption in a certain territory of the settlement, solves economic issues related to ensuring the effectiveness of the proposed energy saving measures (mostly low-cost and no-cost). The organization of energy management can begin with one building, and subsequently develop to the entire organization or city. Energy management can provide: detection of defects, poor performance or failures in energy consumption systems; early intervention with adverse trends to increased energy consumption; finding recommended updates, their priority; more attention to environmental issues and energy use at all levels of the village. Energy efficiency is a unique line of activity that not only returns the money invested, but also brings real income in the form of a reduction in energy costs. Energy management facilities: administrative buildings; residential buildings; hospitals; child care facilities; schools; social and cultural buildings, etc.

Duration of training:
On the basis of basic secondary education - 3 years 10 months;
On the basis of general secondary education - 2 year 10 months.

Social partners:  JSC "NC", JSC "KTZ", "AREK"