Qualification – 1304043 «Technician Programmer»,
Language of instruction – state, Russian

Direction of training:
“Computing and the Software” - deals with information technology issues related to the search, collection, storage, transformation and use of information in various fields of human activity. First of all, it is a high-tech industry. Possession of information technology the norm of our time.

Within this direction, professional programmers are trained to develop system and application software.
The need for graduates of the specialty is very high - for many years the demand for specialists in this field exceeds supply. Graduates work in leading IT companies.
The objects of professional activity computing are:
*professionally-oriented automated systems and information technology
*information processes and information flows
*information support of management decision-making tasks in organizations of the information sphere.
*development of programs for the creation and maintenance of databases and information retrieval systems
*teaching computer science and programming in secondary and secondary vocational schools
*creation of programs for solving scientific and economic problems
*using of standard PC software and other activities related to the use of information technology.
Graduates of the specialty “Computing and the Software” can work as IT specialists:
*in banks, developing and servicing banking and exchange computer programs
*at individual enterprises and in the management of entire industries, creating automated systems for production planning and management
*at enterprises and institutions, developing and servicing queuing systems and information and reference systems
*in educational institutions
*in the service centers for repair and diagnostics of computers and office equipment.

Duration of training:
On the basis of basic secondary education - 3 years 10 months;
On the basis of general secondary education - 2 year 10 months.

Social partners:  JSC "NAT Kazakhstan", JSC "NC" KTZ", JSC "Locomotive Service Center"