Qualification – «Communication Technician»,
Language of instruction – state, Russian

Field of activity:
Telephone, radio communication and broadcasting, television, phototelegraph, videophone, transfer of digital data from computer centers, space communication by artificial satellites.
Features of career growth:
Currently, the profession of a communication engineer is in demand in the labor market. Many companies specializing in IT-technology are interested in qualified personnel. Career growth of such specialist will depend on the scale of organization and usually manifests in salary increases. In the future, may be promoted. The communications technician is prepared for the maintenance and operation of telephone switching systems: automatic telephone exchanges, and communication networks between them: symmetric, coaxial, optical communication cables and network environments.
Types of professional activity:
To carry out of the operational and technical maintenance of telephone and cable communication and wire broadcasting facilities; to take part in the operational and technical maintenance of overhead communication lines, long-distance and intra-regional communication cables.

Duration of training:
On the basis of basic secondary education - 2 years 10 months;
On the basis of general secondary education - 1 year 10 months.

Social partners:  Branch JSC "KTZ Astana distance signaling and communication", JSC "Transtelecom"