Qualification – 1310023 «Electromechanic»,
Language of instruction – state, Russian

Professional activity field:
installation, commissioning, organization and carrying out of measures for the technical operation and maintenance of radio-electronic equipment (by means of transport), providing the use of equipment for appointment and performance of repair work.
Objects of professional activity:
*communication networks and data transmission systems (by means of transport)
*equipment, devices, transmission and switching systems of wire communications and radio communications (by means of transport)
*transport electronic equipment
*technological processes for installation, commissioning, monitoring the operation, operation, maintenance and repair of electronic equipment (by type of transport)
*technology of servicing communication systems and radio electronic equipment at transport facilities and repair and operational enterprises
*regulatory and technical documentation.
Educational and industrial practices are an obligatory part of the educational program. Students who graduated from a college in this specialty will be involved in the operation and repair of communication equipment, work as electricians and mechanics of communication systems at the enterprises of JSC "NC" KTZ" or the metro, in designed organizations, as well as in commercial structures Transtelecom and Astanatelekom or mobile operators.

Duration of training:
On the basis of basic secondary education - 3 years 10 months;
On the basis of general secondary education - 2 year 10 months.

Social partners:  JSC "NC" KTZ", Ltd "Avis Plus", Branch of JSC "KTZ Astana distance signaling and communication", JSC "Transtelecom"