January 25, 2019 a conference on the results of the technological practice of students of the specialty 0902000 “Power supply (by industry)” was held in the assembly hall of the college. Social partners were invited to the conference: Director of Energy service RTD LLP Telev Arman Bolatovich, director of Bereke-Energo LLP "Akibekov Ilyas Orazkhanovich, students of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th courses of the same specialty and 2nd year students of the specialty 0913000" Energy Management "also participated.
An introductory speech was made by Omirgul Khamzinovich Zhunuspekov, deputy director for educational and industrial work - congratulated future graduates on the successful completion of the first important stage of training - passing through technological practice, wished further success in mastering theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
The director of Energy service RTD LLP Telev Arman Bolatovich noted the good theoretical and practical training of students of our college.
Director of Bereke-Energo LLP Akibekov Ilyas Orazkhanovich - noted that our graduates are successful employees of AREK JSC, Astana Kalalyk Zharyk LLP.
Fourth-year students were happy to share their impressions of practical training at various enterprises, such as the Branch of JSC "NC" KTZh "- Akmola branch of the backbone network" - Atbasar distance of electricity supply ", LLP" Karaganda regional energy company ", Astana distance of power supply of the branch NK "KTZh" - "Akmola branch of the backbone network", etc.

Esentaeva ZH.B.
Shayakhmetova Zh.B.